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Retrospect 6.0 hangs when started by scheduler


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I'm running retrospect 6.0.206 under windows 2000. When I start retrospect from the start menu it runs fine. However, when it tries to start from the scheduler (I have it scheduled to run every sunday night) it just displays the spash screen and hangs. I have to go into the task manager to kill it. I don't have anything else scheduled on my machine, nor is anything else running when retrospect starts. (FYI, I'm trying to back up one other machine, but it doesn't even get that far.) Has anyone else seen this problem?


Also, what is the current version of retrospect 6? I looked at the dantz site and couldn't figure out the current version.


Thanks for any assistance.

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The service which autolaunches Retrospect, the Launcher, may not be working correctly. Reinstall it by doing the following:


Go to Configure>Preferences and click Unattended. Uncheck "Enable Retrospect Launcher service." Now quit and restart your PC. Launch Retrospect and check "Enable Retrospect Launcher." Now quit and restart again.


Try setting your script to run two minutes in the future by adding a single date schedule to your script. Quit Retrospect - does the script launch/run normally?


If it does, and you continue to have launch issues only in the evening, take a look at what else is running on the computer at night.

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