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Backup mounted AFP-Volumes from MacOS X Client

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Most of our users use Macs, our fileservers are IBM machines running an older version of AIX (and Helios EtherShare to allow the Macs to mount the volumes). I use a Windows 2000 server with a DLT jukebox and Retrospect 6 MultiServer for backup.

Because there is no Retrospect client for AIX, I'm trying the following way: I installed Retrospect client on a Mac with MacOS 7.6.1 and AppleShare 3.8.3. The Retrospect MultiServer 'sees' the mounted volumes so I can backup them this way.

Because this is very unstable (Piton errors) and slow I installed Retrospect Client on a MacOS X 10.1.x machine instead of the old 7.6.1 machine. But: Retrospect MultiServer doesn't 'see' the mounted volumes on the MacOS X client so I can't backup them!

Is this a configuration error, a bug, or is it supposed to work this way?


Florian Pürner

KOPFteam GmbH

Munich, Germany

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This is the way it is supposed to work. Retrospect should not see mounted network volumes as part of the local desktop. The OS 7.x system may have seen the drives as removable disk drives rather then hard drives, which would allow them to show up in volume selection.

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