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Backup & Restore Computer to Computer

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I want to backup data files from my G4 onto CD/RW. Then update my powerbook data files to match. Alternately, when returning home with my Powerbook, I want to backup the changed files, and update the G4.




This was pretty simple in the DiskFit days. When I try this with Retrospect Desktop 5.0, it does not update the files. It just restores the target drive to it's former state.




In addition, I have discovered when you create new folders without files in them, they are not backed up until files are in them. I just created a set of folders for a new project, and can not back them up. Workaround was to put small files in each folder, but that's not a very efficient solution.




Any help on how to handle the backups I need would be greatly appreciated.




Dantz taking note of the empty folder problem would certainly help. thank you

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We do have a Knowledgebase entry that addresses how you can restore empty folders at:








As for the file synchronisation of the two computers, I'm not quite sure I understand what you want to be happening. Are you using the backup option, or the duplicate option? The latter would be the better choice to synchronise the files on the two computers. Use "Replace Corresponding Files" to only overwrite files that have changed, but leave other files untouched. There's a Knowledgebase entry on duplicates at:








Althought this refers specifically to using other hard drives, it has a great comparison of backup and duplicate.

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Thanks for your help. What I wanted was to exactly duplicate my data folder on my G4 to my data folder on the PB prior to going on the road. Then upon my return, I wnated to duplicate my updated PB fdata folder to my G4. I am now using duplicate. It reminds me of the way disk Fit worked. Though I owned Retrospect for OS9, I never really used it because DiskFit did all I needed.




As you suggested, what threw me off in my new Retrospect was using "Replace corresponding files" when I was backing up. I've got it down now and it is great. Thanks for supporting OSX. Your response is appreciated.





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