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Qualifications for upgrade version


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I've twice called Dantz with this inquiry. The info I got with the second call contradicted the info I got with the first call, so I'll try here to break the tie.




On my current systems, I use either Veritas BackUp Exec 4.5 or Sonic's BackUp My PC.


My question is whether having either of those products qualifies me for installing the upgrade version of Retrospect 6 Professional?




One of the phone calls to Dantz resulted in an answer of Yes, but I'd have to call Dantz to get a special license code.




The other call stated that the upgrade did not apply to Retrospect Professional. I'm not sure I believe that. Common sense would indicate that Dantz would want to make it as easy as possible for a customer to move from a competitor's product to Retrospect, be it the Professional version or not.




Of course, common sense often does not stand in the way of business decisions.




So what's the poop on this issue?

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It is my understanding that Dantz now has a competitive upgrade for Retro Pro version 6.5.

Dantz part number PUCEA006500.


Is information on this upgrade available at the web site, e.g.:


a. What products qualify for the competitive upgrade?

b. What is necessary for proof of purchase, or does the software checked for installed versions of competitive products?

c. Will the competive upgrade be sold by online vendors, other than Dantz?

d. Does the license differ from the license for the full version of Retro Pro 6.5?

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