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Unattended shut down problem


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In unattended preferences I checked shut down, but when the backup finishes the clients (Win XP and 2000) are still running, while the server (Win 2000) shows a screen with the message "It is now safe to shut off the computer". No power is saved this way.


I am new to Retrospect, but I expected that the PCs would be shut down after the backup.





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It is not currently possible to shut down PC clients after backup. We are investigating ways to accomplish this.


Regarding the server machine, check your Windows shut down options to ensure Fast Shutdown is enabled. Retrospect sends a standard Windows shutdown command. However, other processes may be running that prevent a complete shutdown on the machine when the command is sent.

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Thanks - I tried, but could not make it work.

In the last few days I have done some experimenting with external scripts and a retroeventhandler.bat with the following few lines does the trick:


@echo off

if not {%1}=={EndSource} goto :exit

if /i "%~2" LSS "Rotation " goto :exit

if /i "%~2" GEQ "Rotatioo" goto :exit

psshutdown -k -f



The utility psshutdown is downloaded from www.sysinternals.com.


In this batch file, only Retrospect scripts with a name beginning with 'rotation' triggers shutdown.


On the server, 'EndSource' is replaced with 'EndScript' and psshutdown has a few minutes delay.

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