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I am interested in buying a Sony DRU-500AX DVD burner primarily for backup using Retrospect 6 for Windows (R6). Since it is new, Dantz doesn’t support it but does support the DRU-500A. Unless I find a reason otherwise, I am willing to risk buying an unsupported device because the Dantz forum and knowledgebase speaks well of Sony products. Also, the model number is just an “X” different than the model number of the Sony DRU-500A, which is supported.


Page 28 of the R6 User’s Guide refers to “recognized devices” that “have not been put through Dantz’s rigorous qualification tests, but will work fine with the listed driver under most circumstances.” Please explain how R6 tests an unqualified device to decide if it will recognize the device. I haven’t been able to find this information in the forum but it is important for buying a new backup device.


I believe many users are forced to choose between buying an older, supported device that may not be supported by the manufacturer much longer, or buying a new device with better specs and hoping it will be either recognized or eventually supported by Dantz. In my case, Dantz supports my 4-year old tape drive but technical support couldn’t help me make it work. During that time, I decided to keep R6 because its backup to disk sets is so fast and convenient and backup to CD-RW sets worked well except for the manual handling involved. I decided to move on to DVD backups because the tape drive is old and R6 has many advantages over other backup programs.

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