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Reusing Backup Media


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From searching the forums, it appears that the oldest backup member in a backup set can be marked as missing so its media can be reused. If each member of the set is large enough to hold a full backup and the set has more than one member so it can retain many versions of frequently modified files, a member being missing appears more attractive than recycling the entire set. Being missing apparently loses only the oldest member’s files whereas recycling loses every file in the set.


Page 158 of the R6 user’s guide says “Select Missing only when you have permanently lost or damaged the requested member. It is not appropriate for other situations.” That makes sense when a backup requests a specific member. Please explain if that also applies to reusing the oldest member. Are there any other special concerns about reusing the oldest member?


I’ve noticed that a disk backup set’s properties allow a member to be lost or damaged instead of missing. What are the differences between lost or damaged and missing? Is marking all members in a set as missing the same as forgetting a set except for whether the backup set definition remains?


Finally, I am concerned about catalog size because the last backup software I used required the user to compress the catalog periodically. Does R6 rewrite the catalog during each backup so it doesn’t require compressing? If it doesn’t, can the catalog be purged of entries from forgotten members?


Thank you.

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