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One Tape only one Backup Set? - getting worried


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I have been reading my help and User Guide and I am getting worried.


I got a new AIT tape drive with a single tape as 25GB uncompressed.


Are you trying to tell me I cannot put more than one backup set on the tape?


I was told this software could do full or incremental backups and schedule them with scripts....


Surely I don't need a separate tape for each backup set?


What am I missing here? TIA-TOMG





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You can back up to a tape as often as you like until the tape fills (we then ask for an additional tape be add to the backup set). You can also back up as many different computer and disks to that tape as you would like. All the data will be tracked via the "snapshot" making restores very easy.


There is no reason for us to have multiple backup sets on a single tape. Retrospect is designed to allow for easy rotation of backup sets for data safety.


Don't worry. Retrospect does work differently then other backup software, but we can easily track and manage the files without the types of limitations you are worried about.

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