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2930 + 2 SDT-10000s external SCSI = no go

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I have the following configuration:




* G4 Quicksilver


* 512 MB RAM


* Adaptec 2930 SCSI card (50? pin)


* TWO external APS-Tech/Sony SDT-10000 DDS4 SCSI drives (68 pin)


* OS X 10.1.3


* Retrospect 5.0 Server




When only ONE drive is connected (or both are connected, but only one is on), everything works fine. The drive shows up in Apple System Profiler, Retrospect sees it, Retrospect can read/write to the drive with no (apparent) troubles.




When BOTH drives are connected they both still show up in Apple System Profiler (thanks to the new Adaptect drivers) BUT Retrospect does not see them. (i.e., I go to Configure -> Devices and they do not show up in the list of available devices).




Eric mentioned on the email list that there may be problems connecting 68-pin devices to 50 pin cards. Is this the type of problem he meant? Is there a way to make this work? If not, which card should I purchase?




Thanks for any input.

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