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Peerless Drives?

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Could someone please clarify the compatability of Iomega Peeless Drives / MacOS 9x/Retro 4.3a with driver update 2.2.




After purchasing a Peerless drive, I recieved repeated errors anytime I attempted to backup a volume containing an OSX System Folder. FORTUNATELY Dantz still had free support at the time so I was quickly able to learn that Peerless Drives were Not officially supported, but that one could "unofficially" do file backups.




I just did a check on this site it now lists the Peerless as "qualified" for MacOS , edition "Express".




HUH? does that mean..




It can only be used with Retro Express??? (as compared with the desktop edition)




Can you now do normal backups to Peeless drives (from Retro Desktop) Including volumes containing OSX?


if so, whats new? none of the driver updates or patches since my inquiry have mentioned the peerless.




Could someone please clarify this info?




Thanks in advance



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Sorry for the confusion. The Peerless drive is qualified under 4.3, no update needed, and the *minimum* edition required is Express. Desktop supports it as well.




No edition of 4.3 can back up OS X data though; that requires an update to 5.0.

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