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I am Authoring DVD with DVD Creator from Sonic Solutions, and thier product "Imager" works just fine with my Rorke Data DLT7000. Every time I try an Immediate Backup with Retrospect, I see the backup begin then Freeze with only 1 or 2k showing stored to DLT.


I am getting no error message, and no information in the log.


I am Running a Dual Gig G4 and OS 9.2.2. Retrospect ADK 1.6 is the Driver kit I have.




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From the Knowledgebase


Error 206 (media failure) indicates trouble reading from or writing to the backup set medium. This error is always generated by the backup device and is usually due to one of four causes:


1. The media is physically defective and needs to be replaced. Try using a different tape, CD or cartridge.


2. The heads on the tape drive are dirty and need to be cleaned. Consult the manual that came with your tape drive or contact the drive manufacturer for cleaning recommendations.


3. Another device is causing interference. If you have a drive immediately next to another electronic device try moving the devices further apart. Try removing one or more devices temporarily to see if there is some other device conflict. Try using your backup device on another computer to see if interference is caused by your monitor or other nearby electronic devices. Also see “SCSI Issues” in the Retrospect Users Guide.


4. Retrospect can also report error 206 when a crash or power failure interrupts the backup computer or tape drive. Helical scan tape drives such as AIT, DAT, DTF, Exabyte 8mm and AME 8mm require an end of data (EOD) marker on a tape to append data. If a tape does not have an EOD marker Retrospect may report error 206 (media failure) when it next tries to write data to the tape. Tape drives are responsible for writing EOD markers but a drive may not get the chance if you shut down or restart the backup computer or the power is interrupted.


To avoid problems take the following precautions: do not disable the "Verification" option in scripts and immediate operations; let the tape drive fully rewind or eject the tape before you power off or restart the computer; and if the computer crashes try to eject the tape (using the drive's eject button) before restarting or turning off the computer.


When Retrospect reports error 206 on a tape because it lacks an EOD marker that tape is unusable for future appends until you erase it, though it is not physically damaged and you can use it to restore. The tape cannot be repaired with Retrospect's repair tool. To use the tape for additional backups or archives you must first either reset the tape's backup set from Configure>Backup Sets or erase the tape from Configure>Devices.


When the error persists on multiple media and you have eliminated the above possibilities the device may be failing. Contact the vendor.

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I have Cleaned the tape heads, and the unit DLT 7000 still backs up DVD information when Using Sonic Imager just fine. Therefore it should not be a SCSI issue Right? I have erased the tape as described and still the same errors.


I'm pulling my hair out and I don't have much to pull.



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The Quantum DLT7000 has been supported by Retrospect for many years. There are no incompatibilities in a properly functioning environment.


Retrospect reads and writes data using various device transports, such as USB, IEEE 1394 or FireWire, ATAPI, and SCSI. Each device transport has its own requirements and limitations, but Retrospect can properly and completely back up data using any of these. Retrospect is not overly sensitive to errors on any transport; Retrospect simply sends commands and data to devices, following each transport's strict protocols. If unexpected errors are reported, Retrospect reports to the user. In a properly functioning system, all will be well. If, however, something is not operating properly (for example, a SCSI bus is not properly terminated or you are using old IEEE 1394 device drivers for a new 1394 device bridge), errors can be reported. The issue here is not one of sensitivity, but rather the nature of backup: if data is reported to not have been written or read properly, Retrospect must report it to the user, to avoid data loss.


People from time to time contact Dantz to say that Retrospect does not work with a device, or that Retrospect reports an error, but that another application does not. There are many possible causes for this. First, and most frightening, it is possible that the other application is simply ignoring the error, and that your data is not actually being copied properly. Second, there are many ways to access devices, including hundreds of commands and series of commands an application can use to send data for backup. Another backup application many issue commands to a device in a different order, or in fact use entirely different ways of writing. This does not make Retrospect's access methods incorrect, or inappropriate (nor the other application's for that matter). Dantz spends tremendous resources on testing and qualifying various backup devices with Retrospect; if we certify that a device is compatible with Retrospect, we have thoroughly tested the drive. This does not mean that in some configurations other factors will not be able to interfere.


The bottom line, though, is this: Retrospect is not fragile, or overly sensitive to hiccups in the computing environment. It is doing what you want a backup product to do: meticulously and carefully making sure that your data is backed up properly.


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I am not reporting that this device is not working with this software. The same retrospect version was operating properly with an older G3. When we recently put together a new Sonic Creator system is when the trouble started. I have yet to make a succesful backup on this new system.


I have made multiple DVD 5 and DVD 9's using Sonic Imager to DLT shipped to replication plants, and thousands of correct copies made. As hard drive space goes it does not take long to fill up hundreds of gig of space and need to put it somewhere. A simple backup is needed of raw data, without error.


So far all your kind response has provided is what I might find in a manual for retrospect. I am looking for ideas that might provide some productivity for the clients that are waiting for new production to ensue.



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