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„.... unexpectedly quit...type1..“

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I installed Retrospect 5.0 Server on a PPC8600 with Mac OS 9.0.4 with a LaCie AIT Tape.


I installed Retrospect Client 5.0.528 on my OSX Titanium (10.1.3)


(i run „Uninstall Retrospect Preview“ before i installed the client)




I run my imported scripts (and scripts i just made new for this test).


Retrospect Server 5 tells me always the good known:




„.... unexpectedly quit...type1..“ story when i start a script.




has anybody some tips to save my long-weekend?



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Try this with fresh preferences to see if something was corrupted in the upgrade.




Go to System: Preferences and drag the Retrospect folder to the desktop. Relaunch the program and re-enter you license code. You'll need to log the client in again and create a new script.




If this fixes the problem, then the original preferences have become corrupted and you'll need to rebuild your scripts.

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