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Can't see ANY clients

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Been running 4.3 with my 9.2.2 Mac. Have 5 clients on a little ethernet network. (Each has its own IP address, too)




Bought 5 because One of the 5 clients is running OSX. My main machine, from which I run Retrospect, runs 9.2.2.




First thing I discovered is that I had to buy all new clients... so $100 + $70 later...




.... not a single one of my client is recognized. Not one!. Nor can I add by address. Nor should I have to, since the web page clearly states:


1) "...runs natively in Mac OS 9,..." and


2) "Dantz Retrospect Desktop Backup is easily expandable to perform network backups, too. Just purchase Dantz Retrospect Clients, available in packs of 5, 10, 50, and 100."




OK: I feel like I've been a good customer, and pop'd $170 to gain a few new features... only to discover that I've literally lost backup feature.




Not only can I not backup my powerbook running OSX, but I've lost the ability to back up ANY of my machines.




I'm very, VERY disappointed...





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Did you import your old settings from 4.3? I had a similar experience when I upgraded. When I went to either configure the clients, or add new clients, a small dialogue box would appear saying that it was checking TCP/IP. It would hang there and I'd have to Force Quit the app to get out of it. After rebooting the machine, I was able to check that the clients were there and was able to see them. One thing that I have done though when I first installed the client software was choose to install the TCP/IP version and not the AppleTalk version. This may be something to check out if you haven't already. Would just need to install the new version of the clients. If you've done this already, I'll shutup.







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Here are a few suggestions. This is an except from a Knowlegdebase article, so it may not all apply to you, but I'm including it all in case it might be helpful to other users experiencing the same problem.




Checking the Server


1. Go to the System Preferences from the Apple Menu and select Network preferences. Change the pull-down menu to Show Active Network Ports. Make sure that the port that you wish to use with Retrospect is listed first in this window. If not, you may change the order by dragging the desired item to the top of the list.


2. Check that the computer is obtaining a valid IP address from the Network preferences pane.


3. Check that you have the adequate edition of Retrospect to access the client. Workgroup or Server is required to access a client in another subnet.


4. Check that there is TCP/IP communication between the server and the client by pinging the client. To do this, open up the OS X Network Utility, located at Applications/Utilities. Click the ping tab, enter in the IP address of the client that you are testing, then click Ping. If there are errors in the ping, this means that there is something blocking TCP/IP communication between the server and the client.




Checking the Network and Third Party Factors


1. If there are firewalls on your network, or if any of the machines that you are accessing have a built-in personal firewall, be sure to enable incoming and outgoing TCP/IP and UDP packets through Retrospect's port, port 497.


2. Ensure that your network hardware is configured to pass UDP and TCP packets on the network. Also ensure that subnet broadcast and Multicast are not being blocked or prevented by the router.



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If you have an Aiport Card in your system, just uncheck it... and it should see everything properly. Appears to be a BUG...




BTW - Hope you didn't pay MORE than you should have.... you can buy the workgroup version for $305 (which includes 20 clients) from MacWarehouse and probably other places like Outpost, etc.





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Just to see what happens, switching my desktop machine that I'm running Retrospect Backup on to an Ethernet connection makes it find the clients just fine. Of course, it breaks other things I do, so this isn't a viable option for me, but it's information that I thought might be helpful.




Eric Shepherd



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