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Script priorities and Excluding Dates

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I have set up our OS X Server with Retrospect Workgroup Backup and created the following backup schedule, based on the 5 Day Rotation script tutorial on the Dantz site.




5 Day Rotation script doing a Normal backup to Backup Sets; Mon,Tues,Weds,Thur, & Fri on relevant day of the week.


5 Day Recycle script doing a Recycle backup to Backup Sets; Mon, Tues, Weds, Thur & Fri every 4 weeks (staggered by a week) on the relevant day of the week.


12 Month Rotation script doing a Recycle backup to Jan, Feb, mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec on the last friday of each month.




Currently the 5 Day Rotation and Recycle scripts are set to start at the same time. My question is which one of the has a greater priority? I know that if I were to use a New Media backup instead of a Recycle backup only one of the scripts would run but currently both scripts are running, one after the other, which is not what was intended. Is there a way to prioritise them so that only one of the scripts will run?




The next question I have relates to the above problem, in that it could be be answer to the problem. The Monthly backups occur on the same day as the Friday backups. I cannot find any option to exclude specific dates from the Retrospect schedule, other than manually deleting them from the preview window. This means that the Friday Normal/Recycle backup runs before the Monthly and because it takes 8 hours to run, there is no one in the office to change the tapes over for the Monthly backup.




Is there a specific way to configure the 5 Day Rotation script, in particular Friday, to execute on the set days of the week EXCEPT for the last Friday of the month?




Thanks for any help to solve these problems.





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If you have two scripts performing different actions, using the same backup set at the same time, Retrospect will prioritize in the following order (from highest to lowest):




New Media








For example, if your schedule is listed as:


Normal backup to Set A at 10pm on Monday


Recycle backup to Set A at 10pm on Monday




Only the Recycle Backup will run. If the above example used Recycle and New Media, only the New Media would run. The key is having the same sets at the same time in the schedule.




Currently, it is not possible to exclude certain days in advance - as you've seen. One workaround would be to set Retrospect to "time out" if the correct tape is not in the drive. If Retrospect does not find the correct tape in the drive, the scheduled script will time out and move on to the next script. This is helpful for days when you have a conflict - such as the Monthly schedule. Leave the monthly tape in the drive. When the script does not find the correct tape for the daily backup, it will move on to the next schedule - the monthly backup. Or, if the monthly backup is first, the subsequent daily backup will fail with a media time out. Scripts scheduled at the same time will run in alphabetical order - if you hav ea seperate script for the monthly backup, you should name it so that it comes before the daily backup alphabetically.




Media time out is set in the application preferences for Media Request.



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Years old thread, but I’d like to resume … RS 14.0.0 Mac used here. I usually backup with proactive scripts in a rolling order, A, B and C. There are different Scripts that have to be done in the morning. One of these scripts simply copies the catalogues. I’d like to be able to tell this script to be the last one in chain. Like »wait until all other scripts are done, then go«. Is this possible? To make a run script depending on done script(s) before?

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