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Backup not working

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I recently upgraded from Retrospect Backup version 4.2 (for macs) to version 5.0 Workgroup (for macs). I've imported my preferences, updated my client software (very cool through the network utility) and recently started up my backup server to backup clients over the network. Here's the hangup, the backup works up until it hits about the 2 gigabyte mark (according to the log) and then quits. I upgraded to the Workgroup edition to avoid this kind of storage problem. Here's the kicker, despite updating the Retrospect Backup software on my file server, it still shows itself as version 4.2. Is there something I'm missing here? I'm runnng Mac OS 9.1 with a partitioned hard drive (over 40GB allocated to Retrospect).







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Hi Phantom,


as i understand you have made an update of Retrospect backupserver to version 5 (Retrospect Workgroup).


Then you say that you was able to use the new feature "client update", but it shows up as vesion 4.x?




What I can imagine is that there is an alias living in /Systemfolder/Preferences/Startup Items, which points to the old Retrospect version 4.2, so when you reboot your server, the old version will be started. If so, just change the Startup Item, so it will point to Retrospect 5.




If a client is ment that shows up as 4.2 after the upgrade, then you propably have to restart the client, so that the new version will be loaded properly.




good luck,



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Sorry, but i was wrong with the place of "Startup Items".


"Startup Items" under OS 9.x are NOT in: "Systemfolder/Preferences/Startup Items" but " in: "/Systemfolder/Startup Items"




In fact, I am not shure if this is the problem in your case, but maybe" there is an alias of the old Retro 4 Server application in Startup Items, so it is launched each time you restart your backupserver.


If so, and the alias points to the old version of Retro-server, just delete it.


If you then wish to launch Retro 5 server automaticly each time your backupserver is booting up, make an Alias of it and put the alias of Retro 5 server into "/Systemfolder/Startup Items"




Does the server show up as 4.x or is it the client? If the client is still 4.2 after upgrading it, then something else is wrong. You should make a clean install of the Client. There is NO "Startup Item" for the client controlpanel.





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Just an update!




Apparently the old installation of 4.2 was still existant in the computer and the alias on the desktop was still linked to such. I found the new installation of 5.0 in another folder and so deleted the old alias and created a new one off 5.0. I also made another alias of that and put it in the start up folder and it seems to be working just fine now. Thanks for the tips! I just wish Retrospect would hold off the shutdown sequence on Windows clients like it does Macs for convenience at the end of the day.







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