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DDS in Devicesinfo when device is DDS2?

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Hello Lyhn




Can u help me please ?




Am using Express V5 for Mac and a SCSI Sony SDT-5000, the Express does not see the sony tape drive when u click the device status.


When I use the apple system profiler shows up as one of the devices attached to my computer, however states "no driver" ?


Any ideas on how i can resolve this or do i need to go back to version 4.3.







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Hello Woof,




What your os? If you use OSX the sdt-5000 needs to be turned on at startup. To me it works in OSX (Retro. 5) and OS9(Retro. 4.3) with adaptec 2940 and 2930 SCSI cards. Did you install driver extras? (get it from Dantz DL).




Write more about your config. and I´ll get back to you.



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