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Upgrading to version 5

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Actually the 1000GB Backup Set limit is still in the product.




We removed the 2 gig source file limit, and the 16 MB Resource Fork limits.




Dantz recommends users create all new backup sets for use with Retrospect 5.0. These backup sets may not be usable with Retrospect 4.3. Using new sets will allow you to use your old backup sets with Retrospect 4.3 and 5.0 for restore if needed.




If you want to keep your old backup sets, you don't need to take any special action when upgrading to 5.0

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I was told both by phone support and face to face by Dantz representatives at MacWorld that the 1000 GB limit was going to be eliminated in version 5.




This is important to us at our Digital Graphics company who back up 2 servers and 13 workstations. We fill up a 1000 GB set in about 4 months. It gets very expensive having to start over entirely with new tapes not to mention the week it takes to perform an entire new backup.




This is very frustrating.




Does anyone know any other options (including alternative backup software)?

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