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ATL Powerstor L200 Problems with 5.0.236

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A new problem showed up as soon as I upgraded the backup server from 5.0.205 to 5.0.536. I began to experience frequent problems when doing operations with the ATL Powerstor L200 tape library. Erasing tapes and moving tapes in and out of the drive from the Devices window suddenly became hazardous. There is now about a 20% chance that the operation will hang Retrospect and require a force quit to get out of it. No other changes were made, and this problem has never occurred before with an older version of Retrospect that supports this library. Maybe a change to the Retrospect Driver file has created this problem.

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Try temporarily removing the Retrospect Preferences folder. Launch Retrospect so a new preference set is created. Try to manipulate the tape drive. Does the problem go away? If, so, you're correct - a file became corrupted.




Make sure there are not Retrospect Driver Updates or Advanced Library Kits in the root level of the Retrospect application folder. This drive has been supported for many years, and does not require any additional drivers with 5.0.

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