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Catalog rebuild: adding multiple members


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While setting up a catalog rebuild, retrospect appears to search for available disk sources before the "add member" dialog appears, but never after.


This means that when I chose "add member", I can't refresh the list of available disks.


The problem is that I have multiple external hard drive members in the media set, but I can only plug them in one at a time. I'd like to be able to plug them in on at a time, and then chose each member from a list of sources that is REFRESHED every time a new drive is plugged in. There doesn't appear to be support for that in retrospect 8.2.


Are these findings correct? Is there a way around this?


I'd like to avoid "fast catalog rebuild" in this particular instance because time isn't an issue and I'm suspicious that one or more of the catalog files saved on the individual members are not correct.



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