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Blue Screen of Death


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I recently purchased a new Digital Camera (Olympus D-510Z) with "USB Auto Connect". That is a feature where just plugging in he USB cable causes the camera's smart media card to automatically appear as a "removable media" drive on my Windows ME system.




The first time I plugged it in, I got a Blue Screen Of Death crash with the following error message;




VxD Dynamic Link Call: NTMAPHLP(02) + 00000002 to "004F", Service 2...


Your Windows Configuration is invalid.




Selecting "No" to do you want to continue trying to use Windows (selecting "Yes" results in a completely locked black screen) I get the subsequent error message;




"Invalid VxD Link call to device number 4F, service 74. System Halted."




The BSOD suggested I reinstall Windows, which I have spent the last 6 hours doing from "Format C:" all the way to a completely reloaded system. Once my system was reloaded, I tried the camera again, and the exact same BSOD occurred.




Much searching and trouble shooting to no avail, I thought I'd start removing programs one by one. The first one I removed was Retrospect Express and upon rebooting, the camera is recognized immediately and everything works fine. So, what does Retrospect change in the VxD's that makes it impossible to add this Camera as a USB Removable Media Drive??




Now that the camera works, I'm afraid to reinstall Retrospect for fear of crashing the system again.


Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do?









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If you have a USB Smart Card (or Compact Flash) device attached to your PC when Retrospect scans for available storage devices, then you may need to disconnect the card reader prior to using Retrospect. Dantz is investigating this problem and possible solutions. Contact Dantz Tech Support to be notified when this issue is resolved.

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Thanks Melissa, but the problem does not occur when I try to use Retrospect, but rather virtually the instant I plug in my digital camera. Retrospect is not running nor has it been started, it's just installed on the computer like many other applications. Apparently Retrospect adds or changes some operating system file that makes it incompatible with the "automatic USB" function of the camera. The way it works on my other computers is that I plug in the camera into the USB port and a split second later the camera shows up in Explorer as if it were another hard drive. I did not have to install any drivers or anything.




Once I removed Retrospect, the camera shows up and file access works perfectly.




This Blue Screen of death (described in my first post) locks up the computer solid requiring a reboot, so it's no small incompatability. Any help is, as always, sincerely appreciated.

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We have not had any other reports of crashes when Retrospect is installed by


not running. You could try turning off our "launcher service" which runs in


the background. When Retrospect is installed, we do not install any device


drivers expect for ASPI under Win 9x systems. All of our device related


drivers load when Retrospect is launched.

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Realize this is more than 2 years old but did you ever get your problem resolved? I am now running into the same problem for the first time (USB Card Reader with VxD NTMAPHLP blue screen error). I happen to have Retrospect Backup Pro 6.0 and WinME. Trying to track down the issue. It has happened with 3 different card readers that I try plugging in.

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