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media problems

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I am running Retrospect 4.3 and using an Onstream tape drive for backup. My


scripts all verify ok but when I put the tape in the drive, the computer scans


and sees the tape drive, but it does not appear to see the tape. It says in


the media window...busy... and never goes past that. Eventually it spits the


tape back out and says...no media. Choose another tape. What am I doing wrong?






Jean Kopp


St. Columbkille School

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Busy is reported when the backup device is being communicated to by two different processes, or there is hardware trouble that impairs communication with the device. Possible issues:




1. Third-party software conflicts. If other backup applications are present on your system, they should be uninstalled. Installed device drivers may also be interfering with Retrospect’s internally-loaded drivers. Check to see what software or drivers might be present on your system that could attempt to communicate with or control the backup device.




2. Hardware communication problems. Check the physical connection to the computer (i.e., cables) and, if you are using a SCSI device, the termination for the device. Try other cables, different tapes, even another comptuer to isolate the variable causing the problem.




Does the tape get ejected if Retrospect is closed? How about if the computer is turned off? If so, you've got a problem with your tape or your drive.

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