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Using Retrospect 4.3 on a Mac (OS 9) dedicated server. Have added a new client and am trying to configure the client but cannot specify a folder on client to be backed up, as there is no 'Browse' button showing up in the Volumes database window. What to do?




Please note: I am a novice Retro user who has relied on someone else to do this type of stuff in the past. (I'm forced into this duty as a result of a sudden resignation.)

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Try this:




1. Go to Configure > Volumes.


2. Select the client. Expand if you can't see the client's drives by clicking the arrow to the left of the client icon.


3. Highlight the drive that has the folder you wish to backup and click the Subvolume button.


4. Navigate through until you've found the folder, then click Define.




Once that folder has been defined, it will be available any time you need to select a source in Retrospect.




Hope this helps!

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