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50% speed decline... is that Normal!!!???

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What kind of speed degradation are people seeing comparing Retrospect under OS9 vs. OSX?




Initio who now support my Advansys 3940U2W SCSI card have referred me to http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=kbase&ACTION=KBASE&id=27248 which says that OSX backups should be slower than under OS9. I could buy maybe a little slower, but I'm seeing my backups under OSX drop to half the speed under OS9. The progress barber pole freezes for ten seconds at a time while my tape drive backs up. Very unusual. Never happens under OS9.




Are other people seeing badly degraded performance under OSX? What is your hardware configuration?

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Currently the only Dantz supported Initio cards in OS X are:




Mac OS 10.1.2 through 10.1.5


INI-9090U “Miles Bluenote”


INI-9100UW “Miles”




Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar)


INI-9100UW “Miles”


INI-A100U2W “Miles U2W”




The complete list can be found at:







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I'm using a LaCie AIT Firewire Tape Drive. Under OS 9.2.2 running on a MDD 1GHz G4 my preformance (copying and comparing) averages 235 MB/minute using Retrospect 4.3 and DES encryption. On the same G4 booting OS 10.2.1 using Retrospect 5.0.205 the same backup averages a performance of 87.5 MB/minute. As drastic drop in speed.

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After no apparent progress had been made, I applied for a refund on Retrospect 5. I had 30 days to make that choice after purchasing the upgrade. I'll renew the purchase at some point in the future if the problems get solved. In the meantime, I'll continue doing backups in the better-performing OS9.

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