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Accessing tapes in Autoloader

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I have a Mac running OSX and Retrospect for Workgroups 5.0


I have an Exabyte Autopak 1X10 Autloader tape drive


I want to be able to run five backup scripts. One for each workday.


How do I tell Retrospect which tape in the Autoloader to choose for each script?


Also I want to be able to put 10 tapes in at a time for two weeks worth of nightly backups. How would I set that script?




Retrospect sees the autoloader in the configure/devices window. But it doesn't allow me to do anything with each slot except erase them.




Thank you



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You don't need to set up separate scripts for each day. Do you mean that you want to back up to 5 different backup sets -- one each night? If so, create a single script with all 5 backup sets in your Destinations. Then, use the scheduler to schedule backup on Mondays to one set, on Tuesdays to another set and so on. Details on setting this type of rotation up are at:








As for defining which tapes Retrospect uses, I'm a little unclear as to what your question is. Are you unable to control the loader through Retrospect? Or are you unsure how to give the tapes in the loader the correct names?




If it's the latter, you can prename the tapes in the loader if you like. You can also make Retrospect name them by backing up just a few files to each tape -- you'll have to pick the tape you want to use and have Retrospect erase and name it.




Ideally, you can just erase all the tapes that are in the loader and let Retrospect pick tapes as needed. Then just label the tapes according to how Retrospect has named them.




If you aren't able to control the loader, make sure that you are running the latest, 5.0.205. If not, download at:








Also, be sure that you are running the drive off of a *supported* SCSI card with the same pin configuration as the drive. For cards supported under OS X, see:





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Thanks I'll try that. But to be more specific.


I have 100 remote user workstations I backup. 20 per night. Monday through Friday.


My Autoloader holds 10 tapes. I want to be able to put in 10 erased tapes and have the backups


run unattended for two weeks. I already had 5 scripts setup. One for each day of the week.


Each having 20 workstaions assigned to them.


I needed to know if Retrospect knew to move the Autoloader to the next tape for each days


script. Or did I have to tell Retrospect which tape to select for each script.



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