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G4 combo drive - error 100

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Hi, recently upgraded to new G4 powerbook with atapi, AA17, CD-RW CW-8121 Matshita drive - trying to restore from old backup made with external CD Drive - on my new computer - keeps getting error 100 - device rejected command.




I downloaded the retrospect 5.0 driver update - put into folder - tried to launch retrospect, it wouldn't - rebooted with all types of kernel erros - trashed the driver update... because it obviously doesn't want to work at all with it...




any hints or suggestions for retrospect to work with this combo drive? does anyone else successfully get it to work? or is it because i'm trying to archive old backups?







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Putting the Retrospect driver update in the Retrospect folder should NOT cause kernel panics! Have you tried downloading the RDU again? Can you provide a little more detail on your configuration please?




Retrospect Version and build


Computer Model and speed


OS X exact version


Device (from Retrospect's Configure > Devices > Device Status window)


Device firmware (in the version column of the Device Status window)


Other Devices




SCSI Card firmware








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support



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Hi Irena, I'm still having same problems after reinstalling and trying to run updates...


? Retrospect Express version 5.0.167


launch at 10/7/2002 8:35 PM




+ Executing Searching & Retrieval at 10/7/2002 8:35 PM


To volume OSx?




- 10/7/2002 8:35:57 PM: Retrieving from big back up 7/27/01?


Trouble reading: ?6-big back up 7/27/01? (4265488384), error 100 (device rejected command).


10/7/2002 8:36:47 PM: 1 execution errors.


Remaining: 19 files, 14.6 MB


Completed: 0 files, zero KB


Performance: 0.0 MB/minute


Duration: 00:00:50 (00:00:48 idle/loading/preparing)




I'm running OS 10.1.5 with 512 mb/800 mhz, new titanium G4 PowerPC


Device status: ATAPI/MATSHITA/CD-RW CW-8121 / AA17 / PANASONIC CD-RW (1.50)


No other devices connected at this time (a macally mouse and external apple studio display), but will have to attach old external cd drive with an ADAPTEC Power Domain Slim SCSI Card, 1480, UltraSCSI




Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. It's a real problem.... Oh, but I am NOT getting the Kernel errors anymore.... just can't read the old back up CDs.





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Panasonic CW-8121 (Apple) drive




Due to potential dataloss issues with this drive, the minimum supported drive firmware revision is AA21. This firmware revision (or later) is on drives included with the currently shipping PowerBook G4 computers new as of 11/2002. Firmware revision AA21 addresses a serious dataloss defect where used discs will have an "erased" status and drastically


improved performance when used with Retrospect. Dantz is working closely with Apple in regards to availability of the AA21 updater for earlier PowerBook G4 computers.

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Dantz has worked very closely with Apple to improve Retrospect support for optical storage devices that ship with your Macintosh hardware.


Now available on the Dantz website are Apple firmware updates for the MATSHITA CW-8121 Combo Drive and MATSHITA UJ-815 SuperDrive.


The Apple CW-8121 firmware updater is for customers with earlier versions of the PowerBook G4. It updates the CW-8121 pre -AA21 firmware to AA21. The Apple CW-8121 firmware update requires Mac OS 9 to update.


The Apple UF-815 firmware updater is for customers with earlier versions of the PowerBook G4 with pre-D0CB firmware. It updates the UJ-815 firmware to D0CB. The Apple UJ-815 firmware update requires Mac OS X to update.




Download info and critical upgrade directions are found at the following URL:



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