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Assertion check at memory.c-776

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I am running Retrospect Desktop 5.0.205 on a Mac OS X 10.2.1 PowerBook. I am trying to back up my entire internal drive to a file in a directory mounted from another Mac OS X 10.2.1 machine.




I select my entire internal drive as the volume to back up, create a Backup Set in the mounted directory, and choose the "All Files" selector. After hitting "Preview" my internal drive gets scanned and 35000 folders and 130000 files are found. The backup progress dialog shows up and just before the backup gets underway the "Assertion check at memory.c-776" occurs. I have tried this several times with rebooting between tries and it occurs 100% of the time.




However, if I select only a subvolume (not the entire internal disk) for backup the assertion error does not occur and the backup succeeds.




I have seen other posts mention this problem but I have not seen a solution or workaround. At this point Retrospect is pretty much useless for me as I cannot back up my entire internal disk.




Any help is greaty appreciated.








-- Terrence

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Has this issue been resolved yet?

I just started trying to backup a drive in the same way as the original poster describes,

and I'm seeing the same behavior.

I have Retrospect 5.0.205 running on X.2.3, backing up to an AFP filesystem on a X.2.4 machine.


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