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Removable drive not unmounting/ejecting


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Hi again,

I have a problem with removable backup disks (USD harddrives) not being able to unmount/eject after Retrospect backed up on them. Only force eject works. There are no opened files on the disks and the problem persists even if the retro engine ist stopped.


This may be related to my other issue with an endless loop backing up the Config80-files. Topic to be found here: http://forums.dantz.com/showtopic.php?tid/35201/


My setup: Xeon XServe with Snow Leopard, Retro 8.2, external disk (USB). A proactive script is backing up the whole startup/data Volume of the server to the ext.disk. There are 3 ext.disks with individual scripts for max. flexibility.


Thank you for your suggestions. I will keep you posted.

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Update: Disk has to be repaired with disk utility prior to using it again. Disk utility shows no repairs done but it makes the difference. Retrospect will not be backing up otherwise. (see other thread)


Note: This is not a solution, because it keeps happening again after these repairs.


Any input greatly appreciated!

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