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Endless loop with Config80.bak


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I need some help here.


Have been trying to get this backup-setup running for weeks now. There seems to be one consistant error that is reoccuring:


My setup: Xeon XServe with Snow Leopard, Retrospect 8.2, external disk (USB). A proactive script is backing up the whole startup/data volume of the server to the ext.disk. There are 3 ext.disks with individual scripts for maximum flexibility.


The script enters an endless loop when copying the file Config80.bak. The status constantly changes between:

- Copying >drivename<...

- Please Wait

every now an then:

- Updating Catalog File


This happened with different drives and different scripts (also regular backup scripts).


What I tried:

- rebooting, starting/stopping retro engine

- rebuilding scripts

- deleting Config80.bak -> same loop with Config80.dat

- permissions are correct: -rwxr-xr-x root admin


Any ideas greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance. Will keep you posted on solution, if there's any.

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Recreated the config file from scratch. Verification off. Same Backup Sets. Backup starts looping again with several (other) files. It's repeating over and over again.


Any input greatly appreciated!


Log says this:


[color:green]> !Trouble writing: "1-MD-Backup Set 3" (3285934080), error -102 ( trouble communicating)


!Trouble writing media: "1-MD-Backup Set 3"error -102 ( trouble communicating)


MapError: unknown Mac error 22


TFile::Create: UCreateFile failed, /Volumes/MD-Backup3/Retrospect/MD-Backup Set 3/1-MD-Backup Set 3/AAd.rdb, oserr 22, error -1002


Additional error information for Disk Media Set member "1-MD-Backup Set 3", Can't write to file /Volumes/MD-Backup3/Retrospect/MD-Backup Set 3/1-MD-Backup Set 3/AAd.rdb, error -1002 ( unknown Mac OS error)




Force-unmounted + repaired + mounted disk with disk utility. Backup running fine now.


I had this same cycle a few times now. I bet it's coming back tomorrow. Any ideas?


Could it be the Backup-Hardware? I chose this relatively cheapish Sharkoon Quickport for super easy disk swapping. Could it even be the USB-Cable?

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