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Rebuilding Retrospect Server

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What is the quickest way to rebuild a Retrospect server? We have a hardware failure so I'm standing up a new Retrospect server. So far I've grabbed the config75.dat from the old server. Am I also able to migrate over the catalog files? Or will I be required to re-catalog all of the backup sets? Does the config75.dat contain the license information as well as scripts / client configuration?

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Just copy the config75.dat to the correct folder and launch Retrospect.


You can re-use your catalogue files too.


The config75.dat should contain all the license info too.. if not, make sure it's at hand, or call support (where ever it may be now!?)



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Recovering the Catalogs is amazingly simple.

Once you have your new Retro up just drag and drop the catalog files onto the Retrospect window. It will automatically register them and create the backup sets for you.


For the future it is good practice to make a duplication job to copy the \all users\retrospect directory and the catalogs to some safe place at least on another machine. I normally just overwrite them every day, so you have one good copy of that data handy for a DR scenario.


See the user guide Chapter Management>Moving Retrospect, for tips an what needs to be copied.


Then once you have a basic server, rebuilding Retro is 10 minute job.

Copy the conifig.dat, Restart, Drop the catalog files. Start restoring clients data



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