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Upgraded to Retrospect and am wondering if I should continue on this path?


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I just upgraded to and am running on an iMac i3 3.2ghz with 4GB ram (w/internal Optiarc superdrive) and have had nothing but trouble. It started with not being able to recognize the DVD which I finally figured out. Current problems include:

- not being able to eject the dvd to put in the next one

- backup wanting to backup the same stuff over and over (not recognizing that nothing changed)

- multiple "An error occurred" messages from a variety of dialogs which just aggravate me because they're not helpful at all...console msg is also worthless to a typical user


Based on user comments in the forum, I'm really wondering if I should continue down this path. After using the prior versions of Retrospect and Express, I'm very surprised to be having the issues that I am. It's been bullet proof in the past and save my ass several times.






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I'm primarily trying to use the server to do my backup (same machine), however I've also played with the client that came with (6.3.029).


All OS's are the same 10.6.6 with all current patches.


Upgraded from Retrospect Express 5.x, but I'm not trying to use any prior stuff....sorry, my words may have confused the issue. I'm just trying to get going with 8.2, but have had prior experiences with RExpres.


thanks for the response




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Honestly, for a single machine backup you might be better with something else (e.g. a Time Machine and a SuperDuper backup combination). Version 8 just isn't ready for everyday, everyman use yet, and there is no sign that is going to change (no updates in 6 months for what is clearly a bug-ridden product). If you have multiple machines there are some other things to look at (ChronoSync Agent) to check out.

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