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Mounted volume not showing in Sources


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Only the first of these volumes shows in Sources, not IRS:


floyd:~ Floyd$ ls -l /Volumes/

total 5

lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 1 Jan 17 19:19 Floyd's HD -> /

drwxr-xr-x@ 61 Floyd staff 2142 Jan 13 18:03 IRS

floyd:~ Floyd$


Floyd's HD is the system drive.

IRS is a volume created by TrueCrypt, a.k.a.:

Kind: Volume

Disk image: /private/var/folders/V0/V0tOWr7qEN8acD7erxJ8TU+++TI/-Tmp-/.truecrypt_aux_mnt1/volume.dmg

Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)


I started using TrueCrypt on XP in August 2005 and at the same time began to use Retrospect to backup a TrueCrypt created XP drive. All was well until I recently replaced my machine with a Mac Pro and bought Retrospect 8. I am required by my employer to continue to back up the TrueCrypt volume, encrypting the backups using AES-256. I don't want to use anything but Retrospect to accomplish this.


But the volume, IRS, does not show in Sources and I can't figure any way to add it ...




... Amazing. I just started the console so I could write precisely what I had tried, attempting to add this source... Presto! IRS shows as a source.


I write because I think there may be a lurking bug. In doing my research before posting I found only one relevant thread. It was a long one about the Retrospect 8 Beta. The user could not see a disk image based volume in Sources. The product manager and others were trying to help. None of the suggestions worked; none provided any useful information, except that OS X indeed reported the volume mounted. The forum thread ends when the volume suddenly appears in Sources.


Well, it has happened again.


If IRS disappears again, I'll report that. Until then, I wish myself and all: Happy backups!


Cordially, Joaquin



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