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Backup a folder but not its subfolders?


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Sorry, this feels like a total noob question but I can't seem to make it work with the available exclude rules.


I want to backup a folder and all of its files, but none of its subfolders. Is there a combination that will do this?


Defined "Volume" Data is:




I want to backup:






But not:





The files and folders in I:\data\ are constantly changing (so I can't just include/exclude specific ones) but I always want all of the files in the folder and I never want any of the subfolders.





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Okay but I'm not sure on the logic here.


If I define I:\data\ as a Volume. And then make a script that backs up that Volume, if I make an "exclude" rule to exclude sub-folders, that exclude rule has to exclude something in and of itself right? So I could only exclude I:\data\ AND its sub-folders or not (which is not what I want because I want the contents of I:\data\).


I'm not sure at all on the logic of Include because I think if I point a script at I:\data\ it will include everything anyway.


If I point a script at I:\data\ and say "include" I:\data\ but "exclude" I:\data\* and all sub-folders, retrospect backs up nothing.


If I define I:\ as the volume I'm in the same problem (I think) of needing to know what all of the sub-folders will be in order to exclude them (they change).


I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here and apologize for my ignorance.



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Although I haven't tried it myself, I would do something like this:

Make a copy of "All files except cache files" (for instance).

Click on the "+" under Include.

Set up like attached picture 1. Notice that "Include enclosed folders" is not checked.

Add the other files and folders on the volume, click on the "+" under the rule you just added.

Set up like attached picture 2.

It should look like attached picture 3.


Hope this helps.


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