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Server and Client not communicating with Apples Built-in Firewall

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Hello all,


I'm experiencing an intermittent issue with many desktop clients not being shown in the Sources window using multicast. Also it seems that when I add a client using multicast windows, not the "Add Source Directly..." it struggles to located the client when the IP address has changed.


I believe I've traced the problem to Apples software firewall, since all of my clients have it enabled by default (company policy). I understand if I disable the firewall on the computer it will resolve my issue. And since the firewall is application specific vs port specific i'm at a loss to figure out a resolution without purchasing a 3rd party software firewall or use the unix ipfw.


If I reinstall the client, on a machine that struggles to be listed in the Sources window, it will appear and I'm able to backup the client. Times this issue with 30+ computers this process can be tedious and time consuming.


Has anyone else experienced an issue with Roxio client and apple's built-in firewall?


Tech Details:

Client machines: 10.5.8, 10.6.4

Roxio client: 6.3.029

Retrospect Server: 8.2.0 (399)



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