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Sources turn off "startup disk" selection

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Have been seeing this for quite a while now w/ v8.2 Build 399:


- Despite backing up recently, several sources will show as not being backed up in 7 days or more


In the "No backup in 7 days" screen:

- Flipping the triangle beside the source will show that its HD actually _has_ been backed up (today even), but the circle beside the source is empty (rather than green)

- The circle beside the disk itself _is_ green w/ the checkmark, indicating it has backed up successfully

- For example, Joe's iMac does not show as being backed up, but Macintosh HD on Joe's iMac has


In the Sources screen:

- For these clients, under Options tab, I have set them to back up the startup disk, but after this problem occurs, the checkmark beside it in the Volumes list goes away

- I can fix this by changing the "Back Up:" popup to "Selected Volumes", checking the box, then changing back to "Startup Volume"; after the client refreshes, it drops from the "No backup in 7 days" list, and it's status circle goes green


An undetermined amount of time later, this will reappear. Quite aggravating that Retrospect keeps forgetting the startup volume. This occurs for multiple Mac OS X clients.


Seems like a definite bug to me...thoughts?




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