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Totaly broken selectors - possibly solved!


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I installed Retrospect 8.2 and selectors dealing with Date/Time or completely broken.



I am a german User. The software starts with a german user interface.


OK. I wanted to run a script that backups recently changed files every hour. We recycle that backup every monday. So i set up a selector:



Date modified

is within

7 days

of today

(in german words)


After closing and reopening the dialog window total nonsense happens to the rule. „Today“ is replaced by â€1.1.1970“, by closing the window again the complete rule is removed and gone.


I wanted to write a bugreport and used a tool to start Retrospect in english to use the right words. To my own surprise I found the bug disappeared! The rule remains unchanged and contains no crappy date/times after multiple edits!


I immediately restarted Retrospect in german.

- The rule is there, and it is correct

- I close the window

- I reopen the rule window

- The rule is gone!


Long terms said short: Localizing breaks the rule. Warning: The rule is broken by just looking at it, so think twice if you want to use my hint, since starting retropect in german breaks your rules „forever“!


My hint:

Start Retrospect from the Terminal with that command:


/Applications/Roxio\ Retrospect\ 8/Retrospect.app/Contents/MacOS/Retrospect -AppleLanguages English


It opens up in english and the rule window works as expected.


I am still in a process of thinking and investigating if I can accept the risk of brreaking my active rules, so I have NOT tested if the date based rules actually work. However, they look good the first time.





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Forgot to mention: There is a error message in the terminal if Retrospect is run that way:


2010-09-29 17:06:32.953 Retrospect[20769:903] Warning - unable to find template matching predicate "File.date.within.specific.modified" IN[c] "1970-01-01 01:00:00 +0100 ±7"


Well described, friend. But you should. Really.

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