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Client now showing volumes


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(whoops -- nevermind about the HD name...)


FWIW -- I have a laptop here that I had just reformatted recently (started with 10.6.3 DVD and upgraded everything via software update.) The only other software on this is a VPN configuration (which is what I was originally testing...)


I just installed the 6.3.029 client on this as usual and everything worked as usual with the engine running on my test mac and adding this client via hostname (hard disk named "Macintosh HD").


Maybe uninstall and reinstall the client?



Is there something unique about the "Sharing" name of the client computer? (I once had an obscure problem with another piece of software that barfed because I had *no* name in the Sharing Sys. Pref. for a particular computer...)

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- I killed/started retroclient and deleted /Library/Preferences/retroclient.state

I'm hard pressed to think the binary is corrupt, but I guess I'll replace it just for kicks.


- Computer sharing name is just alpha, no spaces or punctuation characters. Client installer picked it up during install as expected, and I successfully changed the name from the Console.


Since I'm seeing it on two different client machines, My Gut is suggesting it's Engine related (even though I've unloaded/loaded it twice). I can't easily reboot the machine, but I guess I'll try that tonight.

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adding this client via hostname...


Does it even respect hostname other then for the initial lookup? Everything seems to show IP addresses (Engines and Clients) after they're added. I'll bet if you change the address of a machine and also change it's A Records, Retrospect won't find it.

What an interesting insight. That might explain why those of us with "static map" DHCP configurations aren't seeing these issues, but those with true dynamic DHCP IP assignment are.


Clients added by name should always be looked up by name, not merely on the initial client add step.


Yes, perhaps that's for another thread.



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I can bear out adding a machine via hostname works as we moved all of our hostname-added machines from one subnet to the other a number of weeks back and I didn't have to reconfigure anything even though all the static DHCP addresses changed.



What if you install the engine on the troublesome client machine temporarily? Does the volume show there?

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