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adding clients - multi casting


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system : Mac Mini, Intel core 2 duo 2.0, OS X 10.6.4 (not server)

Retrospect 8.20399 - unlimited clients


after installation, while poking around I was able to see clients (it was not all clients) but many, using :

Sources -> Add (+) button; via multicasting.


An OS update was needed. I ran the update, restarted.


Now I can not see ANY clients - firewall is - off -.






Update :

using Multicast ping (http://www.bdunagan.com/2010/03/31/multicast-ping-on-a-mac/)

I have verified that the network router/switches are NOT blocking either port 497, nor the multicast function.



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Now I can not see ANY clients - firewall is - off -.


Any chance you have more then one network configured in Preferences->Network?


Preferences -> network : gives me a drop down with only, and an existing (there at initial startup) entry in the connections list of 'Default'.


The console is running on the server machine.


And the correct network is selected in the [color:purple]"Sources from interface:"[/color] pop-up in Sources->Add?

the only option here is "default"

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To close out this thread for future viewers


The solution was uninstall and reinstall Retrospect.


You **MUST** install the Retrospect Engine before installing (dragging to Applications folder) the Retrospect Console application.


After doing this, the default network connection was the IP address of the server machine, and I could once again see (some) clients.

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