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Trying to rebuild a set with a bad tape in the middle

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I want to rebuild a set (the original catalog corrupted) spread over 18 LTO-3 tapes. Tape 6 appears to be bad, and as a result every catalog rebuild results in a failure (there is an error, with the option to save or quit, but either option stops the repair). Ideally, I'd like to try to rebuild the catalog using tapes 1-5 and 7-18. But I cannot figure out either A) how to skip a tape in the middle of the rebuild, or B) how to start a rebuild from Tape 7 (so I would have two catalogs). This was an archive so there isn't any data duplication within the set. Any suggestions on a workaround?

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Run the catalog rebuild up to the point of failure, or at least until a few files have been read from tape 6. Stop and save the partial catalog. Then perform an "update existing catalog" operation. Retrospect will ask for tape 6; click on "Choices..." and tell Retrospect that member #6 is missing. Insert tape 7 and you should be on your way.

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