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V7.7.341 released, whats changed?

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It seems like V7.7.341 was released in 9/7/10 and is available here:




That sites states:

"2.Click on the product name to view the readme file."


But those links seem to be broken. I downloaded the full update but the readme for it doesn't list the changes in .341. What has changed and what has been fixed in this new release?




Johnny Mac

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Thanks Trafford! Your link now spits out a DB error, I presume Roxio is changing things behind the scenes. *As of today (9/21/2010), here's the currently working link:



As Robin points out, no Exchange 2010 support (yet), but at least my Exchange 2007 SP2 systems are backing up successfully (mailbox and store level) and the matching enhancements have actually reduced my backup windows. Minor rev change, but great updates for my scenarios.


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Any update coming for Windows any time soon? i.e. even fixing/tidying up the wake-on-lan settings which were put in the product 'by mistake' last time around?


I don't think I'll update my RS server for the sake of some logos..



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