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Backup everything that changed in the last 7 days?


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in Retrospect 6 I had the option to create a filter:



Backup everything where modification date is newer than today -7 days


I backuped that data to a file which was recycled on monday morning. This was a quick „second backup“ every two hours additionally to our slow-but-secure tape backup.


With Retrospect 8 I have two problems:



1. The filter options have changed. I cannot find one that means „file has been modified in the last 7 days“. The german translation is a mess. I suspect „innerhalb“ would be the correct setting here (which would describe a date in the future!), however, it cant be tested since the rule disappears completely - see below.




2. The filter dialog seems to be totaly broken, at least in the german version.

For example:

„File - modificationDate - is - before - today“

Close the dialog. Reopen it. It says:

„File - modificationDate - is - before - specific date - 1.1.1970“




„File - modificationDate - is - in between - 7 - days - from - today“

Close the dialog. Reopen it:

The filter is completely empty! The line has vanished.







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I'm not seeing that here (with a relatively new config80.dat file).


In the English version if I make a new rule and in the "include" section, I add the line:


File Date modified is before today



If I save the rule and reopen it, that line is there exactly.



If I change this to read:


File Date modified is within 7 days of today


This *does* change to:


File Date modified is within 1 weeks of today



But if I change it to:


File Date modified is within 8 days of today


It stays 8 days.



Corrupt "config80.dat" files aren't always (unfortunately) easily determined. I might suggest you start with a clean one and see if that works.


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