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Console hangs constantly....great


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Well, I have the same problem here. Like a joke. The server started at 7:46. It's now 8:07, I don't know what's going on. I don't see any activities, I cannot stop the engine, nothing ...


Just telling "12.08.10 07:47:06 Retrospect[1867] Warning - unable to find template matching predicate activityType CONTAINS[cd] "Proaktiv""


Well ... killing joke ...


I don't like this programm, and I don't recommend it. I'm just stuck to it. Bad.

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If you want to see if activities are actually running on the Engine machine, you can go to:


/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RtrExec.dir


There will be an "Exec-X" folder for each running activity.


I find that if I have 5 concurrent activities running, it can take my console a while to populate after I load it as it takes a while for the console process to sneak another activity in when all the RAM on the engine machine is in use by the running activities.


And, then if I have the console open and 5 proactive activities fire up, the console will (briefly) SPOD.


I would agree that (maybe?) there should be some way to set the console activity to be a higher priority.



How many proactive scripts do you have running (whether or not they are actively backing up?) How much RAM on your engine machine?

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Yeah, I am not as worried about the console taking forever to populate as I am it hanging and having to force-quit it. This is a NEW symptom for 8.2 that I didn't have in 8.1.626.


I usually have 3 concurrent proactive backups running with a server backup script that runs at night on the 4th thread.

On certain days I also have a backup copy running to tape.


BTW I am running a Quad 2.8 Xeon with 10gb RAM

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As far as I know a normal "Retrospect" only runs one thread at once. Multiple is for a bigger edition, I guess Server or so. Isn't it so? I never saw more than one thread running. If a second should start at the same time, this one waits for the first one to finish.


I cannot understand why it is NOT possible to start RS and – blob – everything is on my screen, the console, the activities. Independent from any missing share or client or whatever RS waits for. I'm sitting here in front of a Mac Pro and feel as if I am watching a 68k machine ... unbelievable.

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