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"Needs media" on restore...I'm SO happy.

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So, I'm trying to be the hero and restore an end user's data at a client site that she wasn't even aware was being backed up. During the Restore Assistant, I can "see" the 2.3GB of data in question, but when I try to execute the restore operation, Retrospect conveniently refuses to restore, but requests that I "Choose Media..." I shouldn't have to, but when I do anyway, it asks me to choose "1-Cayenne Set A" folder. Okay, whatever. I select the folder, into which Retrospect THEN creates:



--> Cayenne Set A

--> --> 2-Cayenne Set A


Yeah. That's what I need. I need it to *create* folders for a 2nd media member while I'm trying to _RESTORE_. To say that this program is frustrating to try to use is beyond an understatement.


Anybody get through this sort of problem before? I could probably rebuild the entire catalog, but since there's about 1.3TB and nearly a million files, I'll have to leave it for another day.



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Talked to Joshua at Retrospect support (who was quite friendly and willing to help), and he suggested rebuilding the media, since this set "spans" both 8.2 builds (beta & 399). I'm unable to verify either Set A or Set B w/ media attached (Verify also requests media), so I'm thinking more and more Retrospect has forgotten these set members during the update...NOT a very friendly practice, but if rebuilding fixes it, I'll at least be happy to be able to access the snapshot.



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Have you tried selecting the parent folder of the media set instead of the folder for the individual member? It may be looking for a specific directory structure and the path it is given is too short.


Yes and it doesn't work because the button in the dialogue box is for Add, not Select or something else useful.


Cheers, Chris W.

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