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Are you using 8.2?

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Dear All,


Sorry, this question has been asked already.


I would like to try and use 8.2 with a tape library and just wanted to find out if people are using it successfully.


It seems to me the forums are quiet so I am guessing this is because:


1. Things are going well with 8.2 so not many people feel the need to be on here.


2. Many people have ditched Retrospect so also do not need to be on here.


I run a test of 8.2 and it seems to work much better than before and I am about to run a full test tomorrow evening.


I will be using:


Intel Xserve

Mac OS X Server 10.5

Atto SCSI Card

Sony AIT-5 Library

With a client Intel Xserve running Mac OS X Server 10.6


Any experience of the new 8.2 would be great.


I will report back here my own experience.


Many thanks,


David Lee

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Gave 8.2 another shot. Mac client backups were incredibly slow to the point of it being unusable. Every backup ended with XX complete, YY remaining without any explanation in the logs as to what was still remaining to be backed up.


I'm back on 6.1 until I find another option. Anyone have recommendations? BRU? Crashplan?


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I am using 8.2 and am more pleased than I have been with any version before. The engine is releasing memory correctly now. Previously I had to stop and start it a few times a week to keep it under control.


The console is much more responsive now. It is no longer an exercise in frustration to use it. I find myself being productive with it now.


The client software *must* be completely up to date in my experience to have good results with 8.2. After taking a day to update every client to either 6.3.029 or 7.7.106 nearly all my problems went away. Luckily linux clients aren't having problems because there is no update available there.


FWIW, I had to recreate all of my media sets from scratch. Media sets created pre-8.2 were totally unreliable for me. I couldn't groom them and they wouldn't unlock. Luckily, I use Retrospect for disaster recovery not archiving data so losing a year of data wasn't a big deal here. Kinda odd to have to say that about my backup software.

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