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Error -645 (chunk file damaged during save)

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my system has error 645 with a client (in 4 clients backup), I created more a new subvolume on this lient and a new backup set to test backup but still as this error, how to fix this error, although other clients are still a good backup. I have reinstalled the client on this machine and then restropect.



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There is a corrupted file for the client in this directory. \documents and settings\all users\application\retrospect\rtrsec.dir\ If you delete file(should be named after the client) with the program closed then re-open it it will recreate that file and you should no longer get that error.

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I had the same error (-645, chunk file) and deleting the specified file made it go away. In my case, the error prevented any backup from the local machine, so I deleted the My Computer.dat file. I can now make backups, but matching doesn't work for my existing backup sets. It wants to backup all files. What should get the files matching properly again?

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