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Cannot update clients in Sources pane

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I am running Retrospect 8.2.0 (399) (console and engine) in Mac OS X 10.6.x on an Intel Mac mini.


I am instructed by the Retrospect User's Guide to run Retrospect Console, view the Sources pane, select (highlight) one or more clients in the list, and click the Update button.


The clients in question are running older versions of Retrospect Client (6.3.023, 6.3.027). When I select one or more of these clients in the list, the Update button is disabled (grayed out).


Any ideas?

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Make sure the in the client list, each client volume (or favorite folder) is not displaying.

Try collapsing all of your clients.

All client source volumes are hidden and I am highlighting the top-level client rather than subordinate volumes or favorites. It makes no difference.

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I also experienced this yesterday. I assumed it was because when I installed the clients, I clicked the box saying "read only", but I don't actually know if that is the cause or not, I thought the "read only" box just prevented the server from writing to the client's data files, but perhaps it is preventing the client from updating too?

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