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Is 8.2 out?

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Perhaps I am one of the few who does regression testing, but just to save others some time, these are the only changes (bugfixes?) listed in the Release Notes for 8.2.399 that are not listed in the 8.2 Beta 1 and Beta 2 Release Notes:


21996: Remove client does not remove its volume in Tyce

22118: Grooming Assert

22306: Schedules disappear if "pause scheduled" is active when the schedule is set to run

22669: When using a desktop license with server OS should display error.


23543: %ni format Sprintf caused 64-bit Mac's crash e.g. on TDate::GetGMTOffset

23688: Recatalog fails with device not responding (-205) and not enough memory error (-625)

23771: QuickLook plugin broken in 8.1.626 and 8.2.xxx

24249: Even page footer has an error throughout UG

24250: Incomplete Heading Listed in TOC Links for Ch. 4

24556: Scripts: Client Container marks all the clients as 'Busy' after backup

24592: Change library slots format to match Import-Export slots format

24716: Crash during ASR restore

24720: After upgrading to the new Roxio Retrospect 8 Management console, remote engines not connected.

24750: Change tooltip for Scan button in Storage Devices

24779: 8.2 engine installer should remove the 8.1 RDU

24801: Update the help menu to open the User Guide

24808: Power PC: Default Network Connect defaulting to

24810: PPC: assert at chunk.cpp-1338 select to rebuild file catalog file

24811: The Search field in the toolbar should be resizable

24817: Debug logging: remove from log tyceInstall: LmRepair failed, code 1

24818: Activity status message about 6.1 copying needs to be parameterized

24844: Bug in PersistImportNext and PersistExportNext macros

I guess that is forward progress.


Dave, you can stop being sad now that 23467 has been fixed.



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