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Must a user be logged infor Retrospect to run?

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I don't believe so. However you need to make sure to change the preference to tell Retrospect to always as run as a certain user. I have also found that stopping and re-starting the Retrospect Launcher service helps to make sure Rterospect runs correctly with no user longged in.

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This has been the case for a long time. We run Retrospect under its own user account and have been doing so for quite some time.


One drawback is if you, for example, have rebooted the backup server and have Retrospect running as a service, if it is executing a scheduled backup you can't access the Retrospect program/user interface itself. If you try to launch the program in such case, the OS will inform you the current execution will be stopped.


Well at least that is the case with 7.6.123. We haven't tried it with 7.7.325 yet, but I expect it to be the same. We leave the program always 'open' so we can always access the interface.

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Is it advisable to configure an auto-login on the server, either to the console or to a remote session, so that Retrospect can start its interactive session after a server reboot? I really don't like when it runs as a blind service.


I really wish they would make the worker process allways run as a service, but make a user interface that can be run in any session, or remotely.

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I really hope they can address this issue also. I am currently having issue running this on Windows Server 2008 R2. Scheduled backups are not running and cannot stay logged on via RDP so leaving it "open" is not an option.


You really don't need to stay logged on via RDP to keep Retrospect running. I connect via RDP to check the status of backups and then just disconnect (not logout) and everything keeps running.

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