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error 515 (Piton protocol violation) during disc change

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OS 10.4.11 acting as Retrospect server. Using DVD+RW as backup on internal drive.

Retrospect v. 6.1.230


OS 10.5.8 client.

Retrospect client v. 6.2.234


Every time I need to switch discs during the erase sequence, as shown on the backup window I get the "Trouble reading files, error 515 (Piton protocol violation)" error. So, I have to start the backup again using "Normal". All the files get backed up eventually, but I don't get automatic verification.


The client is connected via 100Mb ethernet to a linksys broadband router/switch.


It seems to me this is some kind of network communication timeout/connection drop problem. Does anyone know of some timeout setting that could be set in a configuration or plist file? I haven't found anything in the doc.

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There is a timeout setting in the hidden preferences (hold down option key when clicking the Special > Preferences button), selection for Client. A value of "0" disables.


But I don't think this is your problem. We only use tapes with Retrospect, so I've never seen this.


There's also a "media timeout" setting (Special > Preferences), Media Request selection, but I don't think this is your problem either.


Don't count on this ever being fixed. Retrospect 6.x is end-of-life.



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