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Backup running at 90 MB/min

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I cannot figure out why for the last few weeks the backup on our Retrospect 7.6.123 Multi Server is taking sooooooo long.


On average all the desktops and servers are now averaging 90 mb/min.


I've disabled antivirus and realtime malware protection.


We are backing up to usb harddrives.


What can be causing this issue?

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Have you tried switching back to a wired connection because wireless connections can be very slow especially with a lot of data?

I work for a company that makes special needs software and had somebody try to install one of our products wirelessly and it took 5+ times longer and the whole installation was 62 MB. We are talking the difference between 2 minutes and 10 minutes.

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Has there been any increase in network traffic since this problem started? I would try to reduce as much network traffic as possible during the backup and see if the speed increases. You may also have a bottleneck somewhere on the network and would suggest keeping an eye on the network traffic from each computer.

One other thing to consider is what is running on each server when they get backed up. If it is something like a virus scan maybe scheduling that for after the backup.

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