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New member backup not selecting tapes in Backup set

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We are using Retropect 7.7.325 with an auto tape loader and have setup as scheduled backup with a backup set containing 5 blank tape members. After the first normal backup, a new member backup is performed. The new member backup does not select a tape from the member list it just selects a blank tape from the loader. Is there a trick to selecting the blank members of the same backup set?


The help file states:

New Member skips to a new member of the specified Backup Set. Retrospect will use an existing member with the correct name, or any new or erased media of the correct type. New Member is just like Normal, except files are copied to the next member of the Backup Set.


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Then it should work. I don't know why it doesn't.


I always let Retrospect add tapes as needed. I never add tapes manually.


For old tapes, I forget the backup set, erase the catalog file and then erase the tapes. Retrospect then picks an unnamed tape when it needs to.

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